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Purchase Information

Images are available to purchase, for use in publications, advertising, marketing, brochures and fine print.

Marketing and publication:

• If you would like to use an image on the site, please contact me with the reference number / name of the image.

• I can upload images direct via ftp or I can e-mail images up to double-page spread size (300dpi). Should you prefer images on CD, that can also be arranged.

Fine print:

• Fine prints of certain images are available on request. Photography prints come in various formats and sizes. I can offer gallery prints on gloss, satin gloss and canvas finishes.

Image prices:

• Due to the variation in use of images, please contact me for individual prices of images.  Individual pricing allows me to meet your specific requirements, uses and needs.


Image Library/Photographs

My photographic image library is constantly growing and due to size constraints, not all images are shown on the site.  Please contact me should there be something specific that you are looking for and which may relate to the genre on the site.

The reproduction and/or use by whatever means of the whole or any part of any image (including, but not limited to, digital or slide projection, graphical reference, illustration, layout or presentation of images) and/or any component of this website (including, but not limited to, graphics, photographs, images, text and layout) is strictly forbidden without the specific written permission of Ian Johnson/Globalstills. User licenses are available on request / purchase. Usage and reproduction terms and conditions apply.

You may not save, store, create or transmit any component of this website including, but not limited to graphics, photographs, images, text and layout without prior agreement and consent.

Captivating wildlife photography

Breathtaking aerials

Scenics and landscapes

The people of Africa



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Photography Specializing in:

Wildlife - An excellent and varied portfolio of South African and African Wildlife

Rural Africa - Rural scenes, cultural, community life, community development

Travel - Southern Africa, Australia, Holland and Ireland







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